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Book Notes for Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.

I have been reading the Wealth of Nations for a little while now, and have found insufficient book notes to follow along with on the internet. I have found in my experience that when reading a long work from long ago, it is helpful to be able to read a summary on the chapter you just read to fully cement the information in ones head. So it is my aim to make up a fresh set of notes that effectively summarized each chapter to make this great work of economics more understandable by our current society.

I should note that I started writing my own notes once I reached chapter ten in Book I, but had been contributing to the wikipedia page for The Wealth of Nations which summarized most chapters, although poorly. So I will lift content from those first 9 chapters from wikipedia. As of right now I am alternating between re-doing the first 9 chapters (Chapter I is done) and writing notes for the new chapters. So please be patient with me as I am doing this as I read the work, and I will post my work as it is completed.

Finally I will also be identifying words that are not common nowadays and I will be defining them at the beginning of each chapter so you can avoid some of the hassle of looking them up in a dictionary yourselves.

Update August 3 2009: I've just finished and uploaded Chapter III of Book II, and Chapter IV of Book I. Also I just realized I never uploaded my version of Chapter II Book I, so I did that as well. These chapters are going a little quicker as they are not very long and complicated like Chapter II Book II.

Update July 24 2009: No I have not stopped working on this project, but Chapter II in Book II was huge, and very complicated. I had to do a lot of reading on 18th century banking in order to understand it at a level where I could digest it into a summary. But it is done, as is Chapter III of Book I.

Update April 22 2009: I've finished the intro and first chapter in Book II.

Update April 7 2009: I've finished Chapter XI (and thus Book I). I also wrote up my own notes for Chapter I in Book I and I hope to alternate between the chapters that I have not done in Book I, with new chapters in Book II.

Update April 1 2009: I've added just about the rest of Chapter XI, just have to finish the conclusion. Also, I have finally finished changing servers, and hopefully this one works out much better then the last.

Update March 3 2009: I've added part 3,
Variations in the Proportion between the respective Values of Gold and Silver

Update March 2 2009: I've added part 3, Second and Third Period.

Update Feb 26 2009: I've added Chapter XI part 2, Chapter XI part 3 Intro, and Chapter XI part 3 First Period.

Update Feb 22 2009: I've added Chapter X pt 2, Chapter XI Intro, and Chapter XI part 1. And I am well at work on part 2!